Monday, November 19, 2012

Far From Home, Briefly -- From the Yale Alumni Magazine

Check out the YAM article about the Yale Alumni Service Corps trip to Ghana. . . .
When the five buses roll into the Ghanaian town of Yamoransa, hundreds of children are waiting on the red dirt plaza in front of a low-slung concrete-block school building. The children bob and shout as 160 Yale volunteers climb off the buses and cautiously skirt the steep open sewer that separates the highway from the plaza. For five days in late July and early August, in this impoverished town on Africa’s Atlantic coast, this scene will repeat itself every morning: the volunteers plowing through the throng, the Ghanaian children reaching out for handshakes, saluting the visitors with high fives, and sometimes crowding around two ten-year-old volunteers to touch their long hair. (The Ghanaian schoolchildren have buzz cuts, boys and girls alike.)
Yale Alumni Magazine: Far From Home, Briefly (Nov/Dec 2012)

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